Veriflora Certified Poinsettias are Among the One Billion Sustainably Grown Certified Plants Available this Christmas Season

Sustainable agriculture is a fast growing sector of the horticulture industry. Under the Veriflora program, growers who are key drivers of that growth have demonstrated that they are actively minimizing the environmental impact of their operations, supporting worker health, safety, and fair wages, and producing healthy, high quality products.

Veriflora certifies integrated pest management and reduced dependence on pesticides, so buyers know that companies are lowering the risk to the environment and to workers of exposure to harmful pesticides. Veriflora growers use practices aimed at increasing energy efficiency, reducing waste, protecting water resources, and ensuring fair labor practices, while simultaneously promoting transparency throughout the supply chain from farm to market. The certification process involves independent audits of growers’ facilities, in-depth interviews, and detailed documentation reviews.

In the spirit of the season, consumers can choose Veriflora Certified Sustainably Grown poinsettias and other holiday plants at local florists, online retailers, and many major retailers. The Veriflora website also lists Veriflora Preferred retailers who have undertaken special steps to ensure the sustainability of the certified products they handle, as well as Veriflora certified peat moss producers and Veriflora approved input materials.

SOURCE SCS Global Services