Iotron Industries Provides Electron-Beam Irradiation to Apiculture Industry to Protect and Defend Against Disease

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA — (Marketwire) — 12/27/12 — Editor’s note: There are two photos and one video accompanying this news release.

Harnessing electricity as its power source, the green form of irradiation treatment provided by Iotron is proven effective for eliminating destructive pathogens and disease from comb, pollen and wax. Irradiation has a fast turnaround time, just-in time delivery, attractive and competitive pricing solutions to a significant problem.

Diseases that affect bee colonies will dramatically impact agriculture in that area. In BC alone, pollination is responsible for $ 160 million in agricultural production. With this in mind, it is easy to see the impact a disease outbreak could have on not just the local, but the national economy. Iotron is looking to increase awareness of Electron-Beam irradiation within the agriculture and apiculture industries.