Lustros Announces Funding for Plant Completion

Copper sulfate (CuSO4) is a value-added product derived from copper ore. Demand is increasing rapidly for its use in farming and agriculture. More than 50% of current global production is made from copper scrap that contains toxins (such as Dioxin), which are no longer recognized as food-grade by Canada, Australia and Brazil, with other important consumer countries expected to soon follow. Lustros produces copper sulfate directly from mineral-rich ore, making it an ideal food-grade copper sulfate for use in agricultural purposes. The completed copper sulfate processing plant is engineered to process 180,000 tons of raw material and yield over 8,000 tons of food-grade copper sulfate per year.

Making the announcement Chairman Zirk Engelbrecht said “We are extremely pleased to have secured the funds needed to complete our first copper sulfate production facility. This has been a long process, but we have created a unique, state-of-the-art facility supplied with raw materials from our own mine. It has taken 24 months to complete, but we have built a plant three times larger than our initial plans and have in the interim secured our first tailings project. With the expected cash flow produced by this first plant upon completion, we will be able to finance the construction of a second processing plant capable of processing 25,000 tons per month which will bring our total capacity to 40,000 tons per month.”

Lustros, Inc., through its Chilean subsidiaries, is in the business of copper mining and the manufacturing of food-grade copper sulfate. Lustros has a majority equity position in Sulfatos Chile S.A., which owns the Anica Copper Mines as well as a copper sulfate production project and employs a highly experienced staff of mining professionals. Lustros, Inc.’s subsidiary Mineraltus SA is a Chilean corporation that extracts copper from the tailings (waste products) of expired copper mines to secure the raw materials to manufacture high quality, feed-grade copper sulfate.

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