Meriwether Group and Cascadia Capital Provide Strategic Guidance to Dave”s Killer Bread in Private Equity Investment

“We sold the very first loaf of Dave’s Killer Bread at the Portland Farmer’s Market seven years ago, and this community has supported us ever since,” said Dave Dahl, co-founder and president of Dave’s Killer Bread. “Every time we’ve brought our bread to a new store or a new state, Portlanders have celebrated our success with us, and have ultimately helped us to realize our vision of changing the world, one loaf of bread at a time. Meriwether and Cascadia understand how important our culture and values are to us, and helped find a partner that will help preserve it as we continue to grow.”

“Dave’s Killer Bread is one of Portland’s most beloved, iconic brands, and is representative of a growing number of companies in the region whose core identity is heavily tied to things like community and social, economic and environmental responsibility,” said David Howitt, founder and CEO of Meriwether Group. “The successful partnership between Goode and Dave’s Killer Bread is an immense validation of the company’s authentic, community-oriented business model, and will provide the capital necessary to continue driving the company’s growth and success for years to come.”

“This transaction is a meaningful example of the opportunity that exists for Pacific Northwest consumer brands to access growth capital from outside the region, without requiring them to dilute or sacrifice their local identity and foundational values,” said Christian Schiller, managing director of Cascadia Capital’s Middle Market Practice. “It also showcases Cascadia’s deep understanding of the forces driving growth of consumer brands in the Pacific Northwest, and our holistic approach to investment banking that balances strong liquidity outcomes while also preserving our clients’ core values and goals.”