Dole(R) Rose Parade Float Announced Three-Peat Sweepstakes Winner

Three times a charm for the 2013 Dole Rose Parade float, as it takes home the Sweepstakes Trophy for “Dreaming of Paradise.” Today’s recognition makes Dole the only company to win the Sweepstakes award three years in a row and every year it has entered.

DOLE wins Sweepstakes Trophy for third consecutive year (Photo: Business Wire)

Blossoming with lush tropical flowers and fresh fruits grown by Dole just for the Rose Parade, the award-winning float “Dreaming of Paradise” honored the independent family farmers from around the world that Dole partners with, and paid tribute to the beauty and bounty of Latin America’s tropical paradise.

The float, which heralded Dole’s mission of being actively involved in the communities of independent family farmers, also served as a reminder that with responsible, sustainable growing and operating practices the dream of paradise can remain alive.

To capture the essence of a tropical landscape, the Dole float featured a 26-foot erupting volcano complete with smoke and real fire shooting 20 feet into the sky over prowling tigers, fluttering butterflies, chimpanzees, parrots, dragonflies and three life-like waterfalls cascading more than 1,000 gallons of recycled water. Fully completing the spirit of Latin America, twenty Costa Rican dancers dressed in traditional costumes performed alongside the exotic and rare flowers from around the world.

Created by Fiesta Parade Floats, “Dreaming of Paradise” stood 55 feet long, 18 feet wide and over 26 feet tall and weighed in at just over 22 tons. Fiesta Parade Floats also designed and built, with the help of Dole employees, Dole’s award-winning 2012 entry “Preserving Paradise” and its 2011 entry “Living Well in Paradise.”

Dole’s “Dreaming of Paradise” 2013 Rose Parade float wins the Sweepstakes Trophy, making Dole the first float entry to win the award every year it has entered.