Tatilcity.com Now Offering Discounted Rates To Cyprus

January 4, 2013 – Tatilcity.com recently announced the introduction of discounted rates to Cyprus destinations. Cyprus and Turkey can be one of the most memorable travel experiences because it’s a place that offers history, extraordinary natural scenery and ultimate luxury. Tatilcity.com now offers tourists discounted rates on high quality hotel accommodations, tours and travel via Turkish Airlines.

The website recommends the options for their site visitors and includes competitive rates. Travellers can secure all of their travel needs at this one location including flights, hotel accommodation, car rental and budget tours. The Tatilcity.com website is managed by the BAB Group, a member of IATA (International Air and Transport Agency) and has operated and served tourists for a decade. They handle everything in order to offer their site visitors the best overall experience. For example, the site currently offers discounts ranging from 20-25% percent off published rates on popular hotels such as the Center Grand Boutique Hotel in Kyrenia, a town in the north coast of Cyprus that is known for its old castles and nature.

Additional discounted rates that have been recently announced are the 25% discount at Nicosia Royal Hotel which also includes free accommodation for children with room booking. Nicosia is the largest city in Cyrus. This is where the seat of government is located and is also were the financial district can be found. The walled city is considered to be a breathtaking experience. There are also historical cobblestone streets near the Old Nicosia Aqueduct. The Nicosia Archaeological Museum holds a wealth of treasures including artifacts from the Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman empires. Tatilcity.com includes information on the website that explores extras such as where to go for a free sauna, spa facilities and even massage locations. The listing of available hotels is extensive and includes some popular hotels such as the Merit Nicosia Hotel and the Golden Tulip Hotel for travellers that prefer modern circular type architecture.

The Tatilcity.com website also showcases other types of hotel accommodation such as the familiar “thermal hotels” in Cyprus and Turkey. There is the Green Thermal Hotel situated at Yalova Central, in north-western Turkey, that offers travellers the latest spa, pools and fitness facilities. Yalova is near the Sea of Marmara so tourists enjoy a lot of nature including the Sudusen Waterfall one of the favourite tourist attractions. There is also the Thermalium Wellness Park where travellers are offered Turkish baths and massage; they can also book in for a discounted rate on “hydrotherapy” service in the rainforest or in the Hotel pool.

Tatilcity.com offers their site visitors discount rates on skiing activities. One of the more popular skiing destinations is in the Palandoken Mountains in Turkey. Erzurum, one of most luxurious hotels with all the thermal facilities in Turkey is also available on the Tatilcity.com website for travellers that are looking for a more exotic travel experience. Skier’s thermal cabins/hotels in the Palendoken are not only unique, but also have modern skiing equipments. In fact the 2011 Winter Universiad was held in this area and Ski enthusiasts from Europe loved this place because it is vastly cheaper than skiing at the Alps or Telluride. During the summers, there are the beaches of Alanya, Turkey’s beach resort city, where tourists and locals go swimming, scuba diving or exploring the Damlatas caves.

Turkey and Cyprus are two vacation gems where tourist can get the best value for their money.