Research and Markets: Crop Protection South America Monthly Report 2012

Currently, the sowing of new crops is underway in South America, and it’s estimated that the production of crops may decline in this region in 2012/13 due to the unfavorable weather. In Peru and Argentina, due to the excessive rainfall, the production of coffee and corn may decrease in 2012/13. On the contrary, Brazil is suffering from a severe drought, which may negatively affect its production of soybean and wheat in 2012/13.

The unfavorable weather leads to increasing pests in South America. In this context, the Brazilian government reminds local growers of being alert to pest management on soybeans in Oct. 2012, while the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa) also warns wheat growers that the green belly stink bug has appeared in Brazil, which may do harm to wheat production.

In addition, local governments also approve the commercial launch of several crop protection products in order to protect corps from pests and diseases. For example, the Brazilian government approves the commercialization of Arysta LifeScience’s Legacy(R) fungicide in Paran in order to control white mold on soybeans and bean crops, while the Argentine government has also permitted Syngenta to launch its pesticide Ampligo(R) for protecting soybean from Oct. 2012.

Argentina may lose 20% of projected corn crop in 2012/13

Peru coffee production to drop in 2012

Chickpea planting develops fast in Argentina

Mato Grosso court orders Monsanto to suspend royalties

Paraguay regulates responsibilities of GM cotton importers

Brazil suspends citrus exports to EU

Brazil authorizes temporary use of spinosad-based pesticides on fruit

FMC launches new ripener for sugarcane in Brazil

Syngenta launches Ampligo(R) in Argentina

Arysta LifeScience gets approval for Legacy(R) fungicide in Paran, Brazil

Brazilian farmers must be alert to pest management on soybeans

PSA appears in kiwifruit orchards in Chile

Embrapa warns of occurrence of green belly stink bug in wheat

Brazil still has potential to increase production of wheat


– Syngenta

– Arysta LifeScience